Useless by Ajbilou

Yasmina Ajbilou is the founder and designer of USELESS by Ajbilou. As a little girl she often wore the creations her mother made for her. Amazed by the magic of making nothing into something you love, she was determined do this too. USELESS by Ajbilou aims to revolutionise the fashion industry by putting their main focus on four aspects: sustainability, transparency, equality and construction. Driven by the belief that fashion is not only about the functionality of a product, but also by the power to submit a message. Useless bases its collections on an anthropological outlook on western society, which is then communicated through fashion. Prioritising the feeling of empowerment in which the wearer feels when the garments are worn, the collections see past traditional ideologies of gender. Useless makes ‘Humanwear'. Each piece is handmade with love in our atelier in Utrecht, The Netherlands.