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Brand New Labels aims is to support local and independent fashion labels and connect you with the best, (yet) unknown and emerging brands by carefully selecting and bringing them all together in one place.

We are a collection, a platform, a vision to bring a sense of community to creativity. We're not just another fashion webshop, we promise.

Have a look around for inspiration or shop your ass off.

When we talk about eco-friendly clothing, we are talking about those companies who inflict minimal or no harm to the environment.

Apart from second-handed clothes, there is really no such thing as a 100% eco-friendly piece of clothing. This is because all clothing takes water (to grow the fibre which makes the fabric) and energy (to make the fabric and the garment).

These loving brands who are awarded with our social label, are going a step further to help people and the environment.

For example, they support charities and local projects by donating part of the profit or support underpriveledge groups.

We talk about vegan clothing when the garment doesn’t contain any animal products and when no animal additives have been used during the production process.

Many clothing is made from animal materials such as wool, leather, suede, fur, felt, feathers, silk or are dyed and glued with materials of animal origin. Since many animals emit CO2, the production of vegan clothing is therefore also more environmentally friendly.

At Brand New Labels our labels gets the ‘locally made’ stamp when the clothing is produced in Europe.

Clothing produced in Europe is subject to European regulations, meaning the clothes produced are often made in a more sustainable way than outside of Europe.

When buying fair trade clothing you protect the farmers and workers against exploitation. Which brings forced labor or child labor out of the question.

If something is labeled as fair trade it means that the employees work under safe and hygienic working conditions. In fair trade, workers are treated fairly and receive a fair and viable wage.

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Brand New Labels is always seeking for new collaborations with emerging fashion labels. We are here to expose your talent. Because, what’s done in the dark will always find a way to shine (thanks J.Cole).

We’re looking for fashion labels full of character and with their own story to tell. Apply now or feel free to contact us if you need more information.