Skofu is a brand created by two friends named Gaël Ndombele and Joep van den Beuken. We grew up together in a small town called Sevenum, the Netherlands. A few years ago Joep made a skate video called ‘Bliksem’ which means lightning in English. We thought it would be a great idea if we used our clothing line for his skate videos and for Gael’s dance videos. So we started thinking about names for a brand, we wanted a name that would describe the brand. That is when we found ’Skofu’ which means ‘soft’ in street language. After that we mixed up the name with the skate movie Joep made with the letter ‘S’ like lightning and it became Skofu. The first collection we created was sold out so fast because a lot of people supported it in our neighbourhood and there are not a lot of selfmade brands here. Skofu is a brand for everybody. We support everybody who is wearing it and it creates a connection between us and the person who wears it. We try to show our brand in skate, dance and music videos. It is a very comfortable product which is also great to wear in daily use.