We Care

Brand New Labels present you the upcoming labels of today and tomorrow. Some of them fully embrace sustainability on many different levels, while others are crawling their way up step by step.

Sustainability is kind of a broad term. So to make it manageable, we differentiate 5 categories in which a fashion brand can be sustainable. We make sure that all labels who join our club embrace at least one out of five categories of sustainability. We believe that we can make a difference as long as we can help, inspire and motivate each other.

Eco Friendly






Fair Trade


Locally Made

When we talk about eco-friendly clothing, we are talking about those companies who inflict minimal or no harm to the environment. Apart from second-handed clothes, there is really no such thing as a 100% eco-friendly piece of clothing. This is because all clothing takes water (to grow the fibre which makes the fabric) and energy (to make the fabric and the garment).

Clothing can be eco friendly in different kind of ways. In our opinion eco-friendly clothes means:

  • Using fibres which are not grown or produced with damaging chemicals
  • Ensure that no toxins have entered the environment
  • Using fabrics that use small amounts of precious water to grow, such as bamboo, tencel or organic cotton, hemp or linen.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible.

These loving brands who are awarded with our social label, are going a step further to help people and the environment. For example, they support charities and local projects by donating part of the profit or support underpriveledge groups.